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By Miranda Wood - 19 May

UPDATE on 5L Mini-Kegs

Once again, we’ve got lots of Mini-Kegs flying out and we want to make sure you get the most out of them. Here are some basic instructions and information on the ultimate weekend must-have.

Firstly a small change! We’re now delivering Mini-Kegs Tuesday – Friday: HURRAY!

You must pre-order Mini-Kegs if you want to collect them from the brewery shop. Simply buy them on our webshop and leave us a note to say you want to collect. This is so we can prep them in advance and avoid long queues at the shop.

As always, our Mini-Kegs are only available for delivery within 5 miles of our brewery. We’re really sorry if you fall outside this area. Drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Please keep them chilled where possible and ideally open within 7 days. Once opened best consumed within 3 days.

Mini-Keg Instructions:

  • Leave upright
  • If possible store cool
  • To dispense beer pull out the red plastic tap on the side
  • Open vent on the top of the mini-keg
  • Pour beer

IMPORTANT!!! Close vent between pourings to ensure gas is not lost and to stop beer going flat.

For extra information please see the QR code on the lid of the keg, which links to a demonstration video by the manufacturer and shows very clearly how to use them.

There’s also another QR code which tells you all about how our Mini-Kegs off-set their carbon footprint – don’t get the two confused 😉

If you fancy ordering a Mini-Keg, we’ve got Amelia Pale Ale 4.2%, Killcat Pale Ale 4.5%, or Rituals at Dawn Coffee Porter 4.5%.

Hope you enjoy!  Any questions drop us a line: [email protected] 

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