Our Story

We’re Josh and Frankie, husband and wife. We set up The Park Brewery in 2014 with the aim of creating really sumptuous juicy beers. Hop forward, stand out ales to be savoured and enjoyed.

Inspired by the new wave of microbreweries surfacing at the time, and loving the great beers coming through, Josh purchased a home brew kit to learn more about the process and started experimenting with the wonderful world of hops.

Josh and Frankie Kearns


Obsessive home brewing followed throughout 2013 and after encouraging feedback from friends and local bottle shops, we made the leap. We invested in a small kit, (200 litres), found a tiny work space and Josh was booted out of the family kitchen, to continue the brewing adventure.

By 2015, Frankie was fully onboard. We were hand bottling, labelling. packaging and delivering 2-3 batches a week. We started to run out of beer. We invested again to three times the capacity.  Then we could keg and cask the beers, as well as spread our net further, plus build a community of lovely folk who were enjoying our new enterprise.


We named ourselves The Park Brewery due to our location, next to our favourite open space – Richmond Park.  In an increasingly fast paced world, time out and nature is really important to us. We like to think our beer represents this – a moment to reflect – beer to be considered and enjoyed.


The Park Brewery is situated near Richmond Park in South West London. We’ve used the history and landscape of the park to name our beers.

Based at the most southerly point of the park, our location is important to us and we celebrate being local as well as resurrecting Kingston’s rich brewing history.


After a successful crowd-funding campaign in 2018, we’ve grown the business again to a 15 BBL kit (2,400 litres), moved to a bigger site in Kingston upon Thames and created a brilliant new team with a huge passion for great tasting, innovative beers.

Although we’re now operating on a larger scale, it’s not about mass production. The main focus remains on producing beers with great flavour and aroma, whether that be from hops, or the other amazing ingredients this world has to offer.

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