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By roberta0967 - 3 Nov

Ready for the re-launch of Small Riot?

Small Riot Vanilla & Almond Milkshake Pale 4.9% abv is coming to the webshop in a few weeks!

A fruity citra hop hit balances with aromas of vanilla & almond. Then, loaded with lactose for a silky-smooth mouthfeel. The simple malt bill of barley, oats and wheat offer a slight bitterness as the mouth-full slips away.

It may sound weird, but we can’t wait for you to try it.

As with all our beers, we link them up to interesting stories about Richmond Park. Small Riot is a nod to the riots that broke out after new laws were passed which blocked common access to the Park. Led by local brewer John Lewis, long court battles were fought and eventually the people won; access to the park was granted once and for all.

This beer continues the story highlighted by our core range beer, Amelia Pale Ale. Click here for more about this story.

Keep your eyes peels to our webshop as Small Riot is coming soon. Until then, shop our latest beers online here.

Stay safe & healthy!

Team PB

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