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By roberta0967 - 26 Oct

Get ready for the re-launch of Tread Lightly

Tread Lightly makes a comeback this week. Stoked for you to try this one. English hops in this table lager provide delicate flavours of cedar and pine.

Sticking with the idea of treading lightly, we’ve reduced our carbon footprint for this beer. All ingredients are from the UK. Plus, we’ve used locally sourced hops, grown in an Epsom garden by our friends Jackie and Chris. An easy drinking, low abv, low carbon footprint beer.

Back in 2016, we joined forces with Friends of Richmond Park to help amplify a campaign to Tread Lightly in Richmond Park. Leave nothing behind and take nothing home with you. This message still stands strong today with the pandemic increasing the amount of people visiting Richmond Park, a National Nature Reserve and London’s largest Site of Special Scientific Interest.

The can artwork makes a nod to the campaign film, starring David Attenborough, which urges people to look after the park. Watch this film here.

If you’re a fan of Richmond Park, get ready for the re-launch of one of our signature beers!

Speak soon,

Team PB x

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