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By Miranda Wood - 12 May

Beer Day Britain is COMING!!!

This year we’re excited to be taking part in Beer Day Britain 2021 to celebrate #NationalBeerDay.

We’ll be opening our tap room for a one-of-a-kind TAP ROOM QUIZ!! Kicking off at 7pm on Tuesday 15th June 2021. Entry is FREE, and you’ll get to enjoy plenty of our fresh and tasty beers. Advanced bookings only. Don’t miss out – book ahead!! Limited space available!

Winner will get a 24 mixed case of our awesome beer – you can even choose the beer yourselves.

Beer Day Britain is an annual celebration on June 15th for all beer lovers and it celebrates all beer including traditional ales, mainstream lagers, and limited edition craft beer and everything in between!!

June 15th is significant because that is also the date the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215. The great charter mentions ale in Article 35, quoting: “Let there be throughout our kingdom a single measure for wine and a single measure for ale and a single measure for corn…..”

Ale was so important in England in 1215 that it was cited in one of the most significant legal documents in history! Today beer and pubs are still central to British life and seven out of 10 drinks sold in a pub are beer.

So go on!! Get ready for our tap room quiz to celebrate Beer Day Britain!!!

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