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By Frankie Kearns - 27 Sep

Augusta Oktoberfest Exportbier

We’re really excited to have produced a brand new beer to celebrate Oktoberfest and German lager generally.  Available to pre-order now.  This exportbier is a traditional German style of pale lager originating from Dortmund.  At 5.1%,  it’s deep gold in colour with a subtle malt backbone and delicate hop flavours.  

Perfect timing for our Oktoberfest event this weekend.  If you haven’t booked tickets, now’s your last chance!  You can buy them HERE

Why the name?

Princess Augusta the grand-daughter of George II  and niece of Princess Amelia was born in 1764. She married Charles William Ferdinand and moved out of Richmond and over to Brunswick, Germany.  She found it hard to settle and missed her home and in particular, Richmond Park.  She did what any sensible Princess would do and decided to rebuild it, as a reminder of home.  She employed only the best – including the famous, landscape architect, Capability Brown.  Richmond Schloss was commissioned, built and still exists today!  For more info, see HERE

To grab some cans, click HERE





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