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By Frankie Kearns - 16 Mar

5 Litre Mini-Kegs Info!

It’s that time again, lots of kegs are flying out and we want to make sure you get the most out of them.  Here are some basic instructions and information regarding the mini -kegs.

Firstly a reminder that to max out the freshness, it’s best if these go out in bulk on FRIDAYS!!!!  Just in time for the weekend.  Please keep them chilled where possible and open within 7 days ideally.  Once opened best consumed within 3 days.

Mini-Keg Instructions

  • Leave upright
  • If possible store cool
  • To dispense beer pull out the red plastic tap on the side
  • Open vent on the top of the mini-keg
  • Pour beer
  • IMPORTANT!!! Close vent between pourings to ensure gas is not lost and to stop beer going flat
  • For extra information please see the QR code on the lid of the keg, which links to a demonstration video by the manufacturer and shows very clearly how to use them.

Hope you enjoy!  Any questions drop us a line: [email protected] 

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