Our main aim is to deliver thought provoking beer with big flavour and aroma. All of our beers are hop forward. We don’t rely on the malt base to provide flavour, with our core range particularly; the emphasis is on extracting as much as we possibly can from the lovely hops available to us from around the world.

When we began this little venture finding beer in the UK which packed lots of hoppy punch was a challenge, so we set about trying to re-create some of the great tasting beer from the US and bring it to our part of the world.

The Park Brewery was established by Josh and Frankie Kearns, a husband and wife team. Born from obsessive home brewing throughout 2012–2013 and after encouraging feedback from friends and local bottle shops, we made the leap. We invested in a small kit, found local premises and took the brewing out of the family kitchen.

We’ve formulated a range of five beers covering some of our favourite styles. We also make seasonal specials throughout the year. (see ‘our beers’ section).

We have a 4BBL kit (640 litres) and supply many local and London pubs, plus bottle shops throughout the UK.

The Park Brewery is situated near Richmond Park. We’ve used the history and landscape of the place we love to inspire the naming of our beers. Based at the southern point of the park in Kingston upon Thames, our location is important to us and we celebrate being local as well as resurrecting Kingston’s rich brewing history.

Brew. Taste. Love.